Iggy Azalea could never go out with this type of man
Iggy Azalea could never go out with this type of man

In a new outburst of sincerity with her followers of Twitter, the singer Iggy Azalea (28) has confessed to have fallen surrendered to the charms of a handsome boy who, however, has already ruled out the possibility of love eventually emerging among them.

And is that, although he has not wanted to give too many details about the above, the rapper did want to reveal that this follows a strict vegan diet that clashes with their eating habits, which apparently would turn them into two people totally incompatible for a hypothetical coexistence.

Yes, I’m eating some potato chips and a hot dog for dinner… At home, in my own home and yes, I’m 28 years old, “the artist joked about her love of caloric foods, to add below:” The boy that I like is vegan, and I think I’m going to leave him. Not meat, I want to say. I can not live without hot dogs.

On the other hand, the Australian interpreter has been much more cryptic when it comes to clarifying whether he officially lives a romantic relationship with the aforementioned man – one that is not going to end too well, all is said – or if both have only felt for now the possibility of crossing the barrier of friendship.

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I have to start maturing a bit [in relation to your dinners]. But at least I console myself with the fact that I’m not alone,” he assured without giving many more explanations. “It’s true, I’m millennial and I do not want to have three children,” he pointed out immediately to end up confusing Internet users.


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