iPhone 7
iPhone 7

In a document distributed exclusively to suppliers, Apple reported a problem by which the iPhone 7 and 7 plus could stop serving to make calls.

According to the McRumors website, which obtained a copy of the notice given by the company of the block to its distributors, the problem is due to a fault in the microphone of these devices, which is silenced and prevents your listener from listening when you flames on some devices with version 11.3 and later of the iOS.

And not only that, but the same failure would cause the speaker button to appear deactivated and gray during calls, video calls, Facetime and other functions in which it can be used.

But not all is lost, as Apple announced to its suppliers, this failure could be remedied in some cases.

If you have an iPhone 7 or 7 plus and you have already begun to experience problems, it is recommended that you deactivate the audio options connected to your phone’s Bluetooth and take it to an authorized dealer for a specialized audio diagnosis;┬áif the result is that the accessory can not be supported by the system or that the port was not found, we are afraid to tell you that you will need to be repaired.

Users who have a warranty should not worry, but in the case of those who do not, Apple announced that it is willing to make the repair at no cost to the customer, but has not yet officially reported on their platforms.

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