No Man's Sky
No Man’s Sky

‘No Man’s Sky: NEXT’ is what should have been from the beginning ‘No Man’s Sky’. Hello games (an indie studio, let’s not forget it), he was ambitious and took his most complex work to market without the promised online experience . And it went brown. But luckily Sean Murray and his team did not give up.

Throughout these two years, several weighty updates have been published, but nothing compared to the one now, named NEXT, as the next step of what will undoubtedly be a new hopeful course for ‘No Man’s Sky’ to be able to share the adventure with colleagues. Now we are not alone in the galaxy (not counting the NPCs of strange languages, of course).

Since his multiplayer mode was confirmed on the Inside of Xbox last May, he was clear that he wanted to cross the confines of the galaxy again. Because when ‘No Man’s Sky’ came out in 2016, I ended up leaving after a few hours of play. Now I had the perfect excuse, which I did a couple of weeks ago to get in tune with this powerful update.

Forget (almost) everything you had learned

The first thing that draws attention to this update of ‘No Man’s Sky’ is the huge amount of changes that brings. Quite a lot more than what was assumed for his trailer, especially in relation to resources.

Elements such as Plutonium, Iron or Tamium9 have disappeared. Instead we now have Oxygen, two types of Ferrite or Tritium, among many other variations. And not only that, but now the different components of the exotraje, nave and multiherramientas require another type of materials for repair or refueling. Any veteran will feel pretty lost at the beginning .

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Hello Games wanted to give more meaning to certain actions that were previously solved in a simple way, consuming elements. An example of the most graphic in relation to the launch propeller of the ship: before we could recharge it with the Plutonium isotope, among others, whereas now only by means of Uranium (extracted from meteorites) or by means of launch fuel, created from 25 units of Dihydrogen and a metal plate. It overwhelms at first, but now the inventory is much friendlier.

It is not only that the ridiculous limitations of the exotraje have been eliminated with certain loose components that occupied a complete slot, unlike in the ship, but now we can create more products from the same cell and manage everything, in general terms, in a more practice.

Beyond these tweaks and that good foundation that has left the 1.3 update, Atlas Rises, last year, with improvements in trade, missions and much more, ‘No Man’s Sky: NEXT’ (what comes to be its update 1.5) highlights, above all, the inclusion of the coveted (and promised) multiplayer. This time, real, yes, either with strangers from the galaxy or with colleagues.

No Man’s Sky and its online multiplayer, finally!

Yesterday I was testing with my brother Charlie, but before I had met with a PSN contact and two strangers who joined my departure, before which I devoted myself to make gestures and little else.

The game offers us the option to play our ball (both online, with the possibility of inviting our contacts or joining directly, or disconnected) or join the departure of someone random, and in this sense works as should. And be careful, even if a colleague is on our team, it does not mean that we can not harm him with our weapons …

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Apart from being able to travel with three other people, it also draws much attention to the implementation of a third person view, both to control the protagonist and his ship, giving the feeling of being in another very different game. And be careful, because both cameras are independent, so you have to make two changes: one on foot and another in a vehicle. After that they are fixed.

Returning to your multiplayer, the game will notify us at all times who enters or leaves (seeing its icon on the radar, in addition) and what discoveries it makes, as well as the relevant actions that person is making. As an MMO to use, in short, although this is not exactly a massive online game. At least not, for now, because Hello Games will continue to expand its universe for free and there may be more surprises about it. We’ll see.

The problem with this recent update is that Sean Murray’s study has again become ambitious in certain respects. Now there is more variety of planets and the ecosystems that form them, with an increase in the details of the environment, which has ended up reverberating in a terrible performance of the game when traveling through space, with temporary stoppages of a second, peaks of sound and some other slowdown or sudden generation of textures (this already happened, in any case). Not to mention that GOG does not have online yet.

We will have to see how this update progresses, which does not take 24 hours active, but for now, saving those imperfections that have emerged suddenly, in general I’m liking the new direction that has taken this ‘No Man’s Sky’.. Although we had to wait two years to see it “complete”.

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