Women say I could live without sex
Women say I could live without sex

Within female sexual dysfunctions, hypoactive sexual desire or lack of libido is the most frequent. It is estimated that in Mexico, 80% of women who ask for help to improve their sexual life go to this problem.

In that sense, in a sample of the women who attend Miintimidad, 48% reported having decreased sexual desire. Their average age is 31.2 years and 49.9% of them are married, 43.2% live in a stable relationship and 6.9% are without a partner.

Freundlich explains that hypoactive sexual desire occurs in women who persistently or for more than six consecutive months have no fantasies or little interest in intimate activity, which causes discomfort and interpersonal difficulties.

The specialist in sexuality states that there are several causes why a woman can lose desire; Among them are the lack of sexual satisfaction with their current partner, monotony and lack of appropriate stimulation.

In addition, it points out some frequent causes related to diseases or physical ailments: genital pain, hormonal changes (menopause, lactation, menstruation, etc.), use of drugs, depression, lack of lubrication.

There are also factors associated with external situations such as feelings of guilt, a history of sexual abuse and lack of sexual education.

Freundlich emphasizes that it should not be forgotten that desire does not arise spontaneously, but rather works cognitively.

The expert calls that “we do not wait for someone to come to awaken our sexual desire, we are the protagonists”.

Female sexual

dysfunction Sexual dysfunction is a topic that is typically associated with men; very rarely this problem is considered feminine but it is a reality with which many women live in the world.

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There are different types of sexual dysfunctions in women and they can have different causes.

Sexual dysfunctions often have mixed causes, that is, both biological and psychological and / or external causes. These should be clarified with precision to know how to treat them.

Women, young and mature, can have dysfunctions of desire, excitement, orgasm or others.

The hypoactive desire is that condition in which almost never or never feel desire to have an erotic experience. The frequency with which a woman initiates or promotes sexual activity has diminished or is absent.

It is important to note that in this dysfunction we are talking about the “desire” and not the “frequency” with which you have sex life. It is possible for a woman to have a frequent sex life and still not have “desire” or desire.

Other sexual dysfunctions experienced by women are inhibited female sexual arousal, anorgasmia and orgasmic insensitivity (may have orgasms, but does not feel pleasure).

The best thing you can do if you have any of these symptoms or if you think you are not enjoying your sexuality is to seek professional help to solve it.

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