Huawei P20 twilight
Huawei P20 twilight

Huawei has decided to expand the range of colors of its Huawei P20 by adding the twilight tone. Yes, the famous “color twilight” of his older brother the Huawei P20 Pro that has a blue hue with purple highlights has been a success among users. Reason more to make it arrive, too, to the model that is situated in a step below this Pro version. This will be the Huawei P20 twilight.

The color “twilight” reaches more models

As we say, the responsible for this decision is the success of the Huawei P20 Pro in this color, the preferred by users and critics, has managed to gain a foothold in our little heart. We ourselves have been able to see it in the first person and it is true that it is a very original, attractive and above all different color.

Therefore, Huawei top managers have decided to include a twilight color Huawei P20 in their catalog  to try to repeat the success of his older brother.

The Huawei P20 twilight is backed by a great success in sales

The Huawei P20 twilight will have the same hue as the favorite color of its older brother, the P20 Pro
The Huawei P20 twilight will have the same hue as the favorite color of its older brother, the P20 Pro

Huawei has innovated with its new P20 family and the public has responded very favorably. In fact, both the P20 model and the P20 Pro have far exceeded the targets set in terms of anticipated sales in Western Europe and, more specifically, has been the twilight color of the P20 Pro the most sought after.

Now, with the arrival of the Huawei P20 twilight, the Chinese company wants to give a new reason to acquire this terminal to those users who are still thinking whether to opt for this model. Artificial intelligence, double camera and facial unlocking  are some of the strengths of the Huawei P20.

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If you want to know more about it, we invite you to read our review in which we test the terminal thoroughly.


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