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How to resolve a fight with your parents in 4 steps

Check this post to avoid ending up super angry!

Resolve a fight with your parents
Resolve a fight with your parents

We love our parents! They are there when we need them and we know that they will never stop loving us; but there are times when we do not reach an agreement, they or we get upset (sometimes for pretty absurd things) and things end in a horrible argument.

Check out what to do when you fight with them…

1. Keep calm: Never try to talk to your parents when you are angry. Sometimes we can say things we do not want because we let ourselves go for the moment; In addition, it is very likely that you end up raising your voice. Take a few minutes and relax, things will be simpler.

2. Remember that they are the parents: As difficult as it seems to understand them, always keep in mind that they have more experience than you. When they scold you or get attention, they do it because they love you and care about you. They will never do anything to harm you.

3. Let them talk first: If they start arguing, it’s best to let them talk first. If they feel that you are listening to them, they will calm down and feel better. When they finish you can talk about you; remind them that your opinion is important too.

4. Write to them: If you think they do not pay enough attention when you talk to them or if it gives you something to tell them what you think, write them a letter or an email explaining how you feel. You will remove everything that goes through your mind and they will come to you to talk and clarify things.

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You and your daddies will avoid hundreds of fights and your relationship will improve a lot!


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