How to clean Fruits and Vegetables
How to clean Fruits and Vegetables

With the boom of eating real food and as natural as possible, doubts arise that we did not have before. Do you know how to properly wash vegetables? Do you think that putting them under the tap is enough? Although the regulations are quite strict on the safety of food, the Agency for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition (AECOSAN), says that in the environment there may be pathogenic microorganisms and chemical elements that sometimes contaminate fruits and vegetables.

Avoid gastric pain with washing

Eating raw foods and that we have not washed properly can cause us to suffer stomach pains, swelling, allergic skin reactions or diseases such as listeriosis. We tend to ignore this type of symptoms and it is only given importance when they occur massively (to a group of people) or when the consequences are more serious than usual.

It should not be a question of scruples, but of security. Pass the lettuce under the tap and cut it is not enough, you have to submerge all the leaves that we go to eat to make sure we are eliminating any remaining pesticide or bacteria.
Cleaning fruits and vegetables does not mean losing properties or nutrients. This loss can only be due to poor conservation, but not to eliminate the chemical assumptions or microorganisms.

You wash your hands?

It may be obvious, but have you ever made the mistake of cleaning the vegetables without first washing your hands? It is important that to manipulate any food, even for your own consumption, your hands are very clean. Water and soap for 20 seconds and ready.

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After washing our hands, it is important that we also have a clean working place for food and kitchen utensils . We repeat: we know it is obvious, but sometimes the simplest thing is what we repair the least. Did you know that before you peel any food it is better to clean the peeler or knife?

Is washing enough with water? Although tap water does not sterilize food and does not completely eliminate micro-organisms, it is not a bad option to reduce the presence of pesticides. What is forbidden is that soap or detergent come into direct contact with the food in question. Washing them with water and rubbing them with a soft brush or cloth will be the best way to clean. Even, it is much more advisable to dry with kitchen paper to avoid contamination.

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