Prepare feet Brand new sandals
Prepare feet Brand new sandals

Although it is true that we should take care of our feet throughout the year, we do not always do it. And it is that, when the good weather arrives and, with it, the moment to release sandals, we enter into crisis. We look at each other’s feet and that’s when we see the disaster. Luckily, there is nothing, in this sense, that has no solution so, hands-on!

Throughout the year we fulfill our physical objectives. We go to the gym, we exercise daily and we eat very well. We feel good inside and out and everything is wonderful. Everything except our feet, when the good weather arrives and we have to show them. Next, we tell you a series of guidelines that, if you take into account, will make your feet match up to any magazine ad.

Guidelines for having ad feet


With the cold of the winter months, not only the skin of our body and our face is dried. Specifically, the feet may have become more dry. So, a point of vital importance for your care, is hydration. Apply a cream with moisturizing and very nourishing properties, to be able to be with a high percentage of natural ingredients twice a day. Massage the area well so that its principles penetrate effectively.

Outside cracks

With daily hydration, not only will we achieve a greater softness, but also, we will avoid the unsightly cracked and dry heels. You should be constant and apply with special intention in those areas most conflicting.


Twice a week, before applying the moisturizer, exfoliate the feet well paying attention to the heels. But do not overlook each one of the fingers. After exfoliating and massaging while smearing the cream, you will notice a significant change in your feet. You can use a product that you like, or make your own homemade exfoliant. To do this, mix vegetable oil, sweet almonds for example, with white or brown sugar.

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Eye to the footwear!

It is important that, throughout the year, you choose a shoe that gives you comfort and lightness. Both for sports and for routine in general. This will prevent them from suffering and being affected by poor posture inside the shoe or shoe. If your sport causes blisters or wounds, take care of them daily so that they can be cured and disappear.

Routine for the feet in 6 steps

  1. Fill a bowl with warm water, sea salt and a few drops of essential oil.
  2. Introduce the feet a few minutes and then massage them well.
  3. Apply the exfoliant, homemade or not, and insist on areas such as heels or fingers, next to the nails.
  4. Dry them with gentle touches and apply the moisturizer without forgetting any corner until it absorbs.
  5. Fix your nails. Lime them by giving them shape and, if you want to show off some shine or color, paint them carefully.
  6. Put on your new sandals and wear your masterpiece with great pride.
  7. May this routine not be forgotten! Repeat twice a week and you will see a big change in your feet.

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