The betas of iOS 12 and macOS 10.14
The betas of iOS 12 and macOS 10.14

There are still a few hours to start the keynote, but if you are a developer or just someone wanting to try new things, you will be thinking about installing the beta versions of the operating systems that we are going to see this afternoon. Because yes, it is obvious, this afternoon and as every year we will have the first beta of iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 in addition to the watchOS 5 and tvOS 12.

And it is in days like today that, sometimes, we can more impatience and curiosity and we make some mistake that causes the loss of our data. Installing a beta is no joke, so let’s review the steps and previous considerations that must be taken into account before taking the step.

Always prepare for the worst, although nothing will happen

In the first place and either with iOS or with macOS, you have to make sure that you are going to install unstable versions of those systems. That means that you will suffer errors, crashes, restarts and a decrease in the overall performance of the system. That’s why we always advise you to install those betas on computers that you do not use every day, or in a separate partition of your stable system in which you keep all the data. In the case of the iPhone or iPad, you can always try iOS 12 in any of the ones that do not depend on the integrity of your personal data.

By the way, we do not recommend installing a beta on Macs with mechanical hard drives, since their performance would leave a lot to be desired and always, always, always look good that the computer meets the minimum hardware requirements that the system needs.

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Backups. Always. Of everything.

Then we need to insist on the usual, no matter how heavy we put ourselves. Backups. Always. Of everything. Think that you will install versions of operating systems that at any time can suffer an error that causes a catastrophe and it is necessary to erase the disk, and thinks that Apple is not responsible for these things.

Also note that probably many applications that you use daily may stop working in the betas of iOS and macOS, at least temporarily. Developers who have not had privileged access to these betas will need time to adapt them once they can install beta 1 and you could be left without some tool that you consider basic for your day to day.

Beware of taking the device to repair

Another very important detail is the attitude that you will receive from Apple itself or from an authorized center if you suffer a breakdown on your Mac or iOS device that has any of those betas installed. There is some risk, because the vast majority of these technicians will have to be trained about what to do when it comes to repair that device. It is a pure matter of regulation and protocol on your part: you probably get expressions of confusion when they see that you want to change the screen of an iPhone that has the beta of iOS 12 installed.

Probably the staff of official and authorized Apple stores is not yet formed to be able to give assistance with iOS 12 and macOS 10.14

The best thing you can do is make it clear that you have it installed as soon as possible, especially before you deliver the device to the technicians. In this way the technical staff of the store can make the pertinent consultations. This tends to be lighter as iOS betas progress.

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The same notice may also fall if you simply go to an Apple store or an authorized dealer and ask any questions about the operation of the system. The staff is not yet ready to give assistance on iOS 12 or macOS 10.14, so do not expect them to have guaranteed solutions in the short term.

Maybe all these ads and advice suggest that installing the beta of iOS 12 and / or macOS 10.14 is going to be a disaster, but we also do not want this to take an alarmist tone. Probably nothing will happen beyond the obvious slight problems of performance or instability, although you always have to be prepared for any more serious failure.

Remember also that the betas are installed to be able to witness those failures and inform Apple properly when they occur. You will earn many points if, when you see that there is an error, you notify the Cupertino developers with the tools you are given when you install those betas.

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