Fruits vegetables Last longer
Fruits vegetables Last longer

The importance of consuming fruits and vegetables daily is a fact. Both are very necessary nutritional source for our health. And is that, if we want to stay young and vital, it is important to meet the demands that our body requires to function properly. Next, we give you a few tricks so that the fruit and the vegetables last longer. This way you will not have to waste food.

healthy body, with our organs in tune and optimal functioning; the physical and mental well – being ; the power, agility and vitality . All this is what constitutes authentic beauty and youth: to have good health. Also, treat with care and delicacy the adverse conditions that we may be suffering. Therefore, food is a basic pillar, along with physical exercise and active life.

If your intentions are good, as far as the integration of fruits and vegetables in your diet is concerned, but you feel that you are spoiled in the fridge, attentive. If you follow these tips, your food will have a longer life and you will not have to throw away anything.

5 Tips to make fruit and vegetables last longer

1. Know the product that we buy

It would be ideal to be able to buy in an establishment where the fruit is recently harvested. In this way, make sure you have not spent long periods in cold rooms, as they are likely to spoil sooner. Try to buy seasonal product to enjoy it more time.

2. What piece I take?

If you are going to buy fruit and choose several pieces to eat on the same day, obviously half will be lost. Think about when you are going to consume them and not take the more mature ones. The piece should have smooth skin, without wrinkles, bumps, spots or holes. Yes! If they seem perfect and shine like fairy apples… do not trust! Surely not completely natural and lacking flavor. Something that does not fail is its smell . If its aroma is intense, it is a good choice.

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3. Place the purchase

When you get home, you are very tired and leave the shopping bags in the kitchen to put it all later. Error! Order your purchase, you’ll have time to sit down and rest. Take the fruit and vegetables from their respective bags and place them in their place. Normally it can be at room temperature, although if they are more delicate things, it is convenient to leave them in the refrigerator. That, yes, when a piece lacks maturing, leave it out to do it correctly.

4. Protects delicate fruit and vegetables

When you open a box of strawberries or red berries, or leave half avocado without adding to your toast, protect it. If you do not do it, it is likely to happen and you can not eat it anymore. Anticipate that things spoil by being careful.

5. Recycle food ALWAYS

Although some pieces look ugly or damaged, you do not have to throw them away. Use them to make vegetable cream, compotes and fruit jams, juices, smoothies, broths…

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