Home Fitness How to make the bridge, or lift the pelvis, correctly

How to make the bridge, or lift the pelvis, correctly

Make bridge elevation pelvis correctly
Make bridge elevation pelvis correctly

We almost have one foot on the beach. We all have a lot of desire, although we know that certain areas of our body will be exposed. It is not too late to give the last push to the bikini operation. Next, we tell you how to correctly exercise the bridge or lift the pelvis on the ground.

Some are willing to show off on the beach, because they have worked very well and are proud of their results. On the other hand, there are those repentant, who believe that they should have crushed in the gym a little more in advance. Whatever your case, do not be discouraged. You still have time to polish those areas that do not satisfy you completely. In this post, we explain what is the exercise of the bridge, or lifting of the pelvis, and how you can execute it correctly.

How to correctly do pelvis or bridge elevation?

To perform this exercise correctly, you should lie on your back on your mat and control the lumbar curvature. Try to keep the abdomen active  and stick the lower back to the floor. Flex the knees and support the soles of the feet near the buttocks, with an opening similar to the width of the hips. The arms remain elongated next to the body with the palms facing down.

Next, take a breath and, contracting the buttocks, raise the pelvis as if pulling a rope towards the ceiling. It continues to detach vertebra at the vertebra of the floor, until it reaches the vertex of the scapulae. The feet are kept firmly anchored in the ground and the knees remain firm and placed, maintaining the initial distance between them. Once in this position, it lasts a few seconds and then begins to descend in the reverse order of the rise. That is, we begin to round the column and finally the pelvis descends.

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The buttocks must be activated throughout the exercise. Make sure your legs are controlled and do not wobble. If you get upset, you will not be working correctly and the exercise will not have the result you expect.

Bridge variant on one leg

When you feel that you are performing the bridge exercise correctly, extend one leg to the ceiling with the knee stretched and the foot in a flexed position. Once placed, raise the pelvis as you know how to do it. This time it is easier for you to get out of control and your hips to swing. Work this. Try to be like an impossible block to move. Perform 10 repetitions and change the leg.

It is very important that you take your breath correctly and do not hurry. Feel the work and wear a swimsuit!


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