Healthy Detox Plan
Healthy Detox Plan

Summer is getting closer and the rush to have a fit body are greater. After Christmas we tell you why you did not need to make a detox diet to “detoxify” and “purify” your body, and this time we’re going to give you the keys you can not miss if you want to make a detox plan (although not like the one the society knows).

Many understand the diet or detox plan as something punctual or with a specific duration, in which we stuff ourselves with vegetable shakes and have a little bit of hunger. Your body does not need to detoxify from food, forget this concept.

You should not spend money on supplements

Neither pills to burn fat, nor to block the absorption of hydrates, nor to improve the retention of liquids. Avoid any type of pill or chemical supplement that eliminates those toxins that your own body is able to expel naturally.

Our kidneys are the natural “purifier” that we have in the body, so we do not have to worry about taking substances that promise to lose weight.

The famous smoothies of vegetables, fruits and seeds can not be an option to eat. They are very good to take as a mid-morning snack or snack, but it would be a mistake to feed ourselves with vegetable smoothies. Mainly because we will be eliminating the fiber and other nutrients that make these foods beneficial. In addition, we will feel much less satiated throughout the day.

“Detox” every day of the year

The best detox plan is to follow a healthy lifestyle. If we do not stuff ourselves with sugars or foods that make us gain weight, we will not have the remorse of feeling “intoxicated.”

  • Take a balanced and healthy diet
  • Hydrate yourself correctly (with water!)
  • Get enough rest (about 8 hours a day)
  • Train strength. Do not get obsessed with doing cardio, cardio and just cardio. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will spend.
  • Have a good mental hygiene. Yes, laugh more and be positive. Many times it is our own mind that leads us to enter cycles of anxiety, which result in poor food consumption.
  • Stay active throughout the day. Try to reach the 10,000 daily steps.
  • If you have a partner, take the opportunity to have fun with her. Maybe this type of training motivates you more than going to the park😉

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