How to Lose Leg Muscle Mass
How to Lose Leg Muscle Mass

The morphology of each type of body means that we do not all have the same needs when it comes to losing weight. There are those who seek to lose weight while others fight against the love handles that lodge in the belly permanently. The cartridge belts and the wide back are usually among the priorities of those who seek to mold their bodies at will.

We return to a topic that has already been a protagonist of Alimentos Ricos on several occasions: weight loss is one of the most sought after goals when it comes to losing weight and today we talk about it from a direct approach. What 3 sports can I do to tone and thin my legs?


If we look for how to lose weight or any other specific area of ​​our body, we must immediately realize that without a more active rhythm of life we ​​will never achieve the desired results. Each body is a world and each one has a specific place to lose fat and volume more easily. Therefore, we must try to go against the current and counterattack our metabolism by doing specific sports to reduce the area of ​​the body that gives us the most problems.


If there is a sport that by tradition is associated with how to lose weight, that is cycling. Taking the bicycle is once again in vogue and the cycling clubs are now experiencing their best thanks to the increase in their members and the great variety of sports equipment that currently exists.

If your purpose is simply to lose weight and tone your legs, you do not need to become professional or sign up for any of these sports clubs. It will be enough to go out to pedal at least 2 times a week or, if you feel lazy, buy a static bike for home and put it in front of the TV to avoid boredom makes you corner it and not pick it up again. If you go to the gym, also opt for this type of device.

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Cycling is one of the best ways to lose weight in the legs


We usually relate it to a sport of men, but this thought is simply macho. Football, like any other type of sport, does not understand gender and both men and women can do it without any problem or barrier. Soccer is one of the best sports to tone your legs, eliminating fat and volume and providing muscle.

In addition, being a team sport, it will help you to acquire a commitment and not abandon it at the first moment of change, reinforce your social relationships, meet new people and have a fun time while you discover how to lose weight.

Do you want to know how to lose weight? Sign up for soccer!


Like cycling, the running also lives its best moment and this is reflected in the parks at first and last hour of the day and throughout the weekend. It is a sport that you can do alone or in company and for which you do not need more equipment than comfortable clothes, correct shoes and a bottle of water to regain strength.

Running is fashionable thanks to its large number of benefits

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