The IMEI of the mobile
The IMEI of the mobile

The IMEI is the unique code that each mobile receives at the time it leaves the factory, and you must know that it has a 15-digit extension. You will never find two phones in the world with the same code, and this is the most accurate way to identify an electronic device.

And on this occasion we explain the simplest way there is to know the IMEI of any mobile. It does not matter if it’s an Android or an iPhone, and it does not matter if it’s a Samsung Galaxy, a Huawei, a Sony Xperia or an LG; The steps you will see below are universal.

The fastest way to know the IMEI: dial * # 06 #

In order to know the IMEI, you do not need to install any application, nor do you need to move around between settings. Simply enter the *#06# in the phone dialer and the IMEI number of your device will automatically be displayed on the screen.

The code of *#06# works to know the IMEI on any Samsung, Huawei, LG, Sony and many other manufacturers

This code you have to enter from the Phone application, the one you normally use when you want to call another person. Inside this application look for the numeric keypad that allows you to enter a phone number, and once you have found it simply mark the asterisk, the pad, the zero, the six and the pad. Automatically, your mobile should show you a message with the title of ” IMEI ” accompanied by a fairly long number; That is the number you were looking for.

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This will show your IMEI if your phone is compatible with the code that lets you know this number
This will show your IMEI if your phone is compatible with the code that lets you know this number

The IMEI is also in the mobile settings

The settings of any mobile with Android also contain inside the IMEI number of the device. It does not matter if your phone is from Samsung, Huawei or Sony, because in all cases you can find the device number by entering Settings, accessing the “About phone” section, entering “Status” and clicking on “IMEI information.

Eye: each phone has slightly different settings, so be patient if you are looking for the IMEI in the Configuration section

In the box, in the invoice, behind the battery… the number is in many places

The number that identifies each device is not only in the phone settings. It also comes physically attached to the mobile itself, and if you can remove the case of the phone you will see that under the battery is this same number.

The purchase invoice, and even the box in which the mobile originally came, are also places where the IMEI is clearly identified .

How to know the IMEI of a stolen mobile

Let’s say that your mobile has been stolen, or that you have lost it. Quiet, because you still have the ability to know the IMEI number of your Android phone even if you do not physically have access to the phone. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Google Control Page (available in this link ) and log in with the Google account that you have associated with the mobile that you have been stolen.
  2. Click on the second section that appears on the page, the “Android” page, so that the list that is inside is displayed.
  3. What you will be seeing there are the data of all the mobile phones that you have or have had associated with your Gmail account. To the right of each mobile you will see that the first data that appears is precisely the IMEI number of that particular phone.
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Link to Google Control Panel

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