My Android device is certified by Google
My Android device is certified by Google

One of the great advantages of Android is that being an open source operating system, many manufacturers can use Google software to implement it on their smartphones, however, for this Google establishes a series of rules that each manufacturer must follow to be able obtain a software certification by the company.

It is due to this same advantage, that today there are more than 150 brands and partners that work directly with Google to launch hundreds of products with Android inside, so many other companies can take advantage of this situation to sell equipment with Android that are not exactly certified by the Mountain View company.

Is your Android phone certified by Google?

The certification of Google consists basically in verifying that the applications of the ecosystem of the company, as well as those of the Play Store, work without major problem in each one of the smartphones and tablets, so basically the equipment included in the factory: GMail, Play Store, Google Keep, Google Search, etc., are certified.

On the other hand, there are smartphones that are sold in Asia such as Xiaomi that do not have the Play Store installed in the factory, although it is also possible to download it without problem. To avoid this confusion, and ensure that users have the certainty that they are buying a computer with certification have 3 options:

1) Look for the Google Play Protect logo in the equipment box: Google Play Protect was presented in the past Google IO, and basically it is a security software that is responsible for analyzing the applications you have installed on your phone, plus that has also been included in Google Chrome to notify you when a web page is potentially dangerous.

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2) Check that Google Play Protect is installed on your computer: This software will not only analyze your phone’s applications, but it will review more than 50 million applications on the Play Store every day. To check if you have it installed you can open the Play Store application> press the menu option> and select Play Protect to check the status of your device.

In Android 8.0 Oreo you can check it in the Settings> Security> Play Protect option.

3) Check the official website of Android Certification: Google Play Protect is only available for all those smartphones with Android 7.0 Nougat and above, as long as they have version 11 or higher of Google Play Services. If your team does not comply with these conditions, you can access the official Android website, where all the brands and partners that have been certified by Google are shown, which means that if the brand of your device appears on the list, then you have a certified equipment

All the news will begin to arrive from today in a phased manner to devices that are compatible with Google Play Protect, likewise, the Android Certification website is already available and in Spanish.

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