Best texting app whatsapp
Best texting app whatsapp

WhatsApp users looking for the latest features on Android, here is a dedicated article where you can find the new version of the application (in the form of an installation APK). Here is the installation file and what’s new in WhatsApp.

Where to download APK from WhatsApp

Download WhatsApp in its latest version:

Old versions of WhatsApp:

How to install APK from WhatsApp

Proceed as if to install an external application:

  • Enable installation of applications from unknown sources
    (found in “Settings> Security> Unknown sources”)
  • Find the APK of the Play Store in the Downloads application
  • Open the file and install the new version of WhatsApp!
Before downloading the APK from WhatsApp, you have to activate the unknown sources in the system settings.
Before downloading the APK from WhatsApp, you have to activate the unknown sources in the system settings.

If you ever have problems installing or operating, you can still download an older version of the WhatsApp APK, which may be able to fix the malfunctions.

What’s new in WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.232V

These features were long overdue, WhatsApp finally incorporated them into its application. You can now make group calls with up to 4 people in total. Simply make a voice or video call with someone and press the “add participants” button at the top right to invite more people to join the call. Group calls are always encrypted end-to-end.

The group voice call and the group video call have arrived!
The group voice call and the group video call have arrived!

This new feature is being deployed. You may have to wait before receiving the update.

WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.216

Decidedly, WhatsApp seems to be very interested in disrupters. It is working on a new feature that will mutate users who bother you, and directly from the notifications. For the option to appear, you must receive at least 51 messages from the same conversation. In other words, this feature is really for members of the most active groups.

Note that it is still being improved and available only on WhatsApp Beta (version 2.18.216).

The "Mute" option appears next to the answer button.
The “Mute” option appears next to the answer button.

WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.214

WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature that will delight many users: a shortcut to mark as read a message from the Notification Center. This new feature is not yet available to everyone for development purposes and needs to be improved many times before being enabled for everyone.

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This shortcut should soon arrive on WhatsApp.
This shortcut should soon arrive on WhatsApp.

Specifically, this feature called “Mark as read” allows you to mark quickly as a conversation directly from your notification center. In addition, according to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is also working on another feature that can quickly cut a conversation from the Notification Center.

WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.184

Most WhatsApp users know the problem: there is always in the group conversations there are always people who annoy everyone by sending spam. The good news is that now the group administrators will have a little more power to silence those who write too much.

Unfortunately it is not possible to choose exactly which user should be transferred but they can decide to let all the members of the group speak or only the administrators. This last point makes sense in professional environments where groups are sometimes only informative.

Also note that the 2.18.194 beta version also allows you to hide the photos received on WhatsApp from the gallery. To do this, simply go to the user’s WhatsApp profile via a message and then confirm “No” in “Save Media in Gallery”.

WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.145+

For a long time now, users have been waiting for the possibility of making group calls. If we believe a tweet from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on this point is implemented the functionality in its beta version 2.18.145, but only certain users can access it. In other words, if you have installed this version and do not see it anyway, do not be alarmed.

It is not only a communication system by voice but also by video. Video conferencing, in short. The goal is obviously to compete with Skype and some other competitors.

WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.90 beta

The sticker search function is coming soon to WhatsApp. WhatsApp has started working on this feature in the 2.18.80 update, but developers keep it turned off for development reasons. So do not be surprised if you have updated your version of WhatsApp and you do not see it. It will probably be available very soon, even if we do not know precisely the day of the deployment.

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Specifically, the search for stickers feature when you want to edit a photo, a video or a GIF. You will be able to search for them quickly, which will save you time.

WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.74 beta

The latest innovation introduced in the new version of WhatsApp is not going to revolutionize your messaging experience, but it deserves to be in tune with Android Oreo. WhatsApp now has an adaptive icon. Specifically, WhatsApp is able to change its icon according to the style applied by the user, without the need for a pack of icons. The WhatsApp icon takes a different shape depending on your interface. For now, the feature is only available in beta and for Android Oreo users.

On the left, the WhatsApp icon on the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, on the right the icon on the LG V30.
On the left, the WhatsApp icon on the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, on the right the icon on the LG V30.

WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.57 beta

It is now possible to add a description to groups. In other words, if the name of the group is not explicit enough you can enter the details with the description. Note that all group members will be notified of the changes. In the future, all members of the group will be able to modify the description if the administrator allows it.

This feature will be coming soon on iOS and Windows Phone.

You have to add a description in the group to pass a passage.

WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.50 beta

Facebook is renowned for not always respecting the privacy of users and store a lot of information about them on its servers. To avoid problems with the European Union, the high-tech giant has decided to adapt and offers in this beta the ability to download your personal data.

Thus, Facebook added on this a feature to export the data collected by the mail service. Go to the app settings, privacy category, and you will find the option to download the data. Note that this is not immediate, you can wait up to 20 days to get the file, which will then be available for 30 days.

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To come up

YouTube videos arrive in conversation windows

A new feature has arrived on iOS: the ability to view YouTube videos directly from the conversation window. In other words, no need to open the YouTube app or browser. In short, a good way to please users while keeping them in the app.

This feature has been announced by Wabeta and is available from version 2.18.11. A play button appears in the window, you just have to click on it to start the video and it will be launched in window mode or even in full screen. Unfortunately, if you leave the conversation window the videos stop but the development team is already working on a solution.

As explained above, this feature is currently only available on iOS but should arrive on Android.

Other updates

WhatsApp offers a new feature based on localization. This is a variant of location sharing that we already know for a long time: you can let your contacts know where you are, and in real time, for a period that you have defined in advance. From the name of “Share Live Location”.

This feature will be deployed in the coming weeks. The version number is not yet communicated but when it is known we will put a link to the APK.

This is what this feature looks like.
This is what this feature looks like.

What do you think of the WhatsApp app? Do you use it a lot?

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