The iPhone on the lock screen
The iPhone on the lock screen

The lock screen of the iPhone has different levels of configuration through which we can access several features quickly. One of them is the control center, which we can deactivate or activate so that it does not show when the iPhone is blocked.

Many users deactivate this feature to impede the theft of an iPhone. The idea is that in this way, the thief will not be able to activate the airplane mode if he does not have the password or has managed to get the phone unlocked. Let’s see how it is done.

Disable access to the control center on your iPhone

As comfortable as it is to have the control center on hand from the lock screen, you may want to turn it off for some reason. To do this, follow these steps:

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings> Touch ID and code.
  • Enter your iPhone lock code.
  • Go to the section “Allow access when blocked” and deactivate the control center.

It is done. From now on, nobody will be able to access the control center ofyour iPhone and activate airplane mode to block the operator’s signal. Although that will not prevent the thief can turn off the phone without problems.

Deactivating the control center of the lock screen will prevent anyone from activating the airplane mode of your iPhone
In this same menu you can also disable Siri to prevent someone from using it while it is unlocked. And if you’re worried about security, you can disable the iMessage preview on the lock screen to avoid one of the credential theft techniques.

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This type of measures will not completely prevent the theft of your device, but it is a small obstacle for the thief. With enough time, you could use Find My iPhone to locate the device or send a sound that shows your position.

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