Shrimp and Oysters
Shrimp and Oysters

Mexican scientists are doing tests to cure marine animals such as shrimp and oysters.

Scientific advances are increasingly amazing, to show a button: Mexican scientists are testing to cure marine animals such as shrimp and oyster but in the water! Sure, animals that later serve us as food.

And they want to do it with silver nanoparticles, so small that we can not see them even with a microscope. They are particles that are measured in one billionths of a meter.

These silver nanoparticles have already been tested in human medicine, veterinary medicine and agriculture. So the researchers wondered if they would also serve in marine animals.

Scientists are currently testing to verify that silver nanoparticles do not affect other organisms that live in the sea. You have to be sure before you dump them there, do not you think?

The project involves researchers from various institutions such as the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the Center for Research in Food and Development.


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