The purge of Twitter makes Trump lose 100,000 followers in 15 minutes
The purge of Twitter makes Trump lose 100,000 followers in 15 minutes

Twitter has done a summer cleanup.

The social network began on Thursday a process to eliminate accounts that had previously fallen under the suspicion of the company for unusual activities. These accounts, after being contacted by Twitter to verify their identity, by not answering, were blocked by the company. Today they were part of a massive purge of accounts that is costing enough followers to many celebrities on the platform.

For example, Donald Trump seems to have lost some 100,000 followers in the first 15 minutes of the 53.4 million purge he had the night before, a figure that rose to 300,000 three hours later to stabilize at nearly 53.1 million, Mashable reported.

But it was much worse for former president Barack Obama, who lost 2.13 million users to 101.50 million, according to Variety.

The same Twitter account was quite affected, down 7.5 million followers. Not even its CEO was saved. Jack Dorsey tweeted , almost half an hour after the purge will start, he lost 200,000 followers.

Vijaya Gadde, a Twitter lawyer, said today in a blog that to “build trust and encourage healthy conversations on Twitter”, they needed to adjust the followers count because, being a visible part of the platform, they wanted “all [users] Be confident that the numbers are meaningful and accurate. ”

Since most of the users do not have millions of followers, Gadde added that they are likely to only notice a change of four or fewer followers. But of course, celebrities or influential people – for whom fans represent an advantage when negotiating money for each tweet they send – the drop in their numbers could weigh them more.

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“We understand that this may be difficult for some, but we believe that accuracy and transparency make Twitter a more reliable service for public conversations,” Gadde added.

Below a table, partly courtesy of Variety , of how some celebrities were left after the purge:


Before the purge … After Difference
Donald Trump 53.4 million 53.1 million -300,000
Jack Dorsey 4.19 million 3.99 million -200,000
Twitter 62.85 million 55.35 million -7,500,000
Katy Perry 109.61 million 108.11 million -1,500,000
Justin Bieber 106.71 million 105.31 million -1,400,000
Barack Obama 103.63 million 101.50 million -2,130,000
Rihanna 89.0 million 88.44 million -560,000
Ellen Degeneres 78.09 million 76.10 million -1,990,000
Taylor Swift 85.57 million 83.27 million -2,300,000
Lady Gaga 78.97 million 77.47 million -1,500,000
Cristiano Ronaldo 74.60 million 73.37 million -1,230,000
Youtube 72.39 million 70.39 million -2,000,000
Kim Kardashian 60.2 million 58.5 million -1,700,000

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