Vitamin D synthesis from sunlight
Vitamin D synthesis from sunlight

To provide our body with the necessary vitamins, it is very important for it to function properly. Hence, the importance of food and healthy lifestyles that provide us with health and well-being. In the case of vitamin D, would you know how to obtain it?

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps protect the heart, strengthen bones, prevent the onset of various types of cancer, strengthen the immune system, prevent diabetes and regulate phosphorus and calcium levels. In athletes, it helps maintain muscle mass levels and promotes recovery after exertion; increases the amount of energy and influences the production of insulin.

What foods contain vitamin D?

Mushrooms: A food rich in vitamins, high in vitamin D.

Salmon and mackerel: A serving of blue fish meets a high percentage of the nutritional needs our bodies need. In this case, they are a source of vitamin D. It is important to ensure the quality of the fish we buy.

Sardine: It is one of the fish with more vitamin D content. You can consume it both fresh and canned, since in both cases it is an excellent contribution of this vitamin.

Tuna: Especially if we consume it fresh, both white and red. Although consuming it canned has a contribution less than fresh, it is also a source of vitamin D and is an option to consider.

Yolk: One of the most potent foods in vitamin D.

Milk and vegetable drinks: There are some of them enriched with vitamin D that are a very successful option.

Seafood: Prawns, prawns, oysters, clams… are a source of vitamin D.

Basic considerations for acquiring vitamin D

Eating a balanced diet, which contains the necessary rations of blue fish, is enough to meet the needs of vitamin D that are solved through food. In addition, sunbathing 15 minutes a day will ensure you meet the level of vitamin D needed. Keep in mind that this exhibition is in the morning or late afternoon, since the ideal is that you do without sunscreen, to be able to acquire the benefits. Keep in mind that the amount of this vitamin that you are contributing to your body, comes directly from the sun exposure. And, secondarily, you will do it through food.

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