The Spanish model with perfect beard
The Spanish model with perfect beard

Our image about male models is usually a thin guy, with fine features, colored eyes, tall and smooth skin, and very polite. However, Krys Pasiecznik has broken all the stereotypes and we love it.

With a stature of 1.88 in stature, tattoos on arms, legs and torso, as well as a prominent beard and bold attitude, Kryz has conquered the clothing industry, parading in the Fashion Week in Spain, where his peculiar beauty caught the attention of the entire world.

1Kryz has earned all our attention

2Is 29 years old and is originally from Madrid

3It has more than 120 thousand followers on Instagram

4It measures 1.88 meters and has a large number of tattoos

5His dark skin and beard make him a sex symbol

6He has participated in great catwalks around the world

7And undoubtedly we will follow him wherever he goes

8He has also demonstrated his acting skills

9He is an animal lover

10Especially felines, whom he considers mythical beings

11Practice martial arts and yoga, and is a Star Wars fan

12Surfing and motorcycles give you the adrenaline you need

13Sleep little to make the most of your day

14And he loves being shirtless

15Could it be more perfect?

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