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Have you tried the training with stairs?

Training stairs
Training stairs

Vary in terms of the dynamics of our workouts, it is very important not to fall into certain routines. Training on stairs is an excellent option, full of possibilities and with which you will surprise and surpass yourself. In addition, it is an ideal way to exercise both professional runners, as people who have just started. Get the most out of the stairs and work!

You no longer have an excuse not to go out to practice outdoors and get the most out of the urban elements. The good weather is getting closer and going out to train is a joy. Working on the stairs, you will be able to exercise your muscles, especially the lower body, increase your resistance and improve the coordination capacity.

Benefits of training on stairs

Rocky Balboa did it in his day and, thinking about him and his training on the stairs, fills us with motivation. So, whether you want to lose weight or improve your strength or gain more strength in the muscles of your legs, what are you waiting for? Let’s see some of the benefits that this practice can offer you:

  • Gaining muscle and strength in the legs
  • Burn fat
  • Hardening buttocks and abdomen
  • Improve the technique of the race, especially if you are a beginner runner
  • Work your coordination capacity
  • Increase your aerobic capacity and anaerobic power
  • Improve aerobic metabolism
  • Possibility of contributing more or less intensity depending on your physical condition
  • Possibility of training alone or in a group
  • Promote the good health of your heart
  • Option to train also the trunk, pectorals, triceps, abdomen …
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Exercises to perform in your training on stairs

To carry out effective workouts on stairs, it is not worth going up the stairs at home. For that, go to a stadium or park where you can have a good number of stairs or steps.


Go up and down the stairs several times, trotting gently, to warm up your body and not start your training abruptly.

On one leg

Go up ten steps with your right leg, ten with your left leg, run down to the bottom and start again.


Climb the steps jumping with both legs apart and bend the knees to make a squat. When you return to stretch the knees, take advantage of the inertia to jump to the next rung. Continue until you reach the top and note how it burns.

Knee to the chest

Go up alternating right and left leg normally. When you do it with the right leg, bring the left knee to the chest before continuing to climb. Continue in an active, energetic and fast way.

Rythm change

Climb the stairs at full speed and jog while you take a breath. Repeat these high intensity intervals, according to the objectives that you have marked.

Trot with knees to the chest

If you have previously done the exercise of raising with the knee opposite the chest, now repeat, but, this time, you are no longer for a walk. Instead of walking, run. When you reach the top, jog down and repeat the climb.

Feet together, several steps

Climb with your feet together jumping two by two, or three on three steps, depending on your height and depending on your possibilities. Again, descend at a trot.


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