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Forbes named Kylie Jenner the richest billionaire in history made by herself

Kylie Jenner appears in the prestigious magazine for her immense fortune…

Haters think Kylie Jenner doesn't deserve to be Forbes's cover.
Haters think Kylie Jenner doesn’t deserve to be Forbes’s cover.

Forbes magazine has named Kylie as the youngest billionaire in the United States, thanks to her cosmetics company, Kylie Cosmetics; however, the fans think it’s a privilege they do not deserve, they believe that Kylie has won that place for fame and not for her work.

The harsh criticism has affected Kylie a lot, she thinks they are unfair, and according to Hollywood Life, this was her reaction:

” Kylie is sad that she is not getting the respect that she feels she has worked hard for and won, she has worked hard on her cosmetics line, no one gave it to her and there was no plan to follow. been the driving force behind making Kylie Cosmetics a $ 900 million dollar business, and now that she has shown how much money can be earned selling makeup online, everyone got on the bandwagon, but she was the first and she feels that They respect and deserve the credit for all their hard work and marketing genius.

As usual, there are people who try to ruin your moment and unfortunately the unpleasant comments about how she does not deserve this really hurt her. It hurts because you feel you are being intimidated again. But at the end of the day, negative comments and those who hate her are just fuel for her to work harder and earn another billion dollars.”

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Poor Kylie! It must be terrible that they do not recognize your work and effort, but do you think it is right to give it so much importance? Finally, she knows that what she has has been won by her effort, and that is what should matter, do not you think?

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