Hater application
Hater application

Internet is full of sites, platforms and applications to find a partner, but they are always based on presenting the tastes we have in common with other users to see how much compatibility could exist at a certain moment when we want to connect with someone.

With this new application called Hater, we can find our soulmate through the things we hate.

Perhaps it is not so important to assess whether a person likes the same music as you, or puppies, or sports, or the same cinematographic genre. Hater will try to show that affinity with someone could start from the things in common that are repulsive.

Hater is still in Beta and only in English, but it will be characterized by a dynamic very similar to that of Tinder. You can slide from left to right according to the person that appears on the screen.

Of course, this application will break with any paradigm imposed in terms of the idealization of a couple. When we want to find someone, we almost always show our best profile or our best smiles, but perhaps a more real version of ourselves is in the perverse and malevolent essence that characterizes us; a more human part.

When downloading Hater, we will have the possibility to register with a new account or to link directly with our Facebook profile, according to the preferences of each user and their privacy regimes.

Based on the slogan: “Meet people who hate the same as you,” Hater will allow you to define things that repel you on time so that other people can be interested and verify the compatibility percentage.

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In addition there will be dynamics in which you will have to choose if you hate simple things like people who walk slowly, have to leave tips, make the bed, go out with coworkers, people chew gum with their mouths open, etc.

Once you have done all the dynamics, Hater will create your profile so that you can begin to match with other people. As in Tinder, the hate application will work by geolocation to see how distance might influence when interacting with someone.

The platform will be officially launched on February 8 for iOS users and for Android during the spring.

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