Like Hailey Baldwin pic Justin Bieber
Like Hailey Baldwin pic Justin Bieber

Hailey Baldwin left a super cute message on Twitter…

During the weekend, Justin asked Hailey for marriage and in case there were doubts about his great love for the model, confirmed his commitment to a nice message on Instagram, now Hailey decided to share his immense happiness with a message on Twitter.

“I’m not sure what I did in my life to deserve so much happiness, but I am so absolutely grateful to God for giving me such an amazing person to share my life! No words could express my gratitude.”

One of Justin’s best friends, Ryan Good, suggested that Justin grow his mustache for the wedding day: “Grow your mustache for the wedding.”

However, Hailey made it very clear that he does not approve of the idea: “Do not you dare give him that idea of ​​a lunatic.”

It seems that although Hailey is super in love with Justin, is not the most fan of his mustache, do you think Justin will decide to please his fiancée on that special day?

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