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Guillermo del Toro will have his own horror anthology on Netflix

Guillermo del Toro Oscar
Guillermo del Toro Oscar

The Mexican director Guillermo del Toro is so expert in accumulating projects that the simple fact that one of them comes to materialize is a joy. Now he has reached an agreement with Netflix to make ’10 After Midnight’, his own television horror anthology, so we can only cross our fingers to really get ahead.

In its favor is that Del Toro has previously collaborated with Netflix in ‘Trollhunters’, created and produced by the recent winner of two Oscars for his work on animated series ‘The shape of the water’ (‘The Shape of Water’). Therefore it seems logical to think that there will be problems that delay its implementation, but it will be better to be cautious. Although then Netflix just released it suddenly to the ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ without giving more news before …

By now it is known that Del Toro will write and direct several episodes, also choosing the authors of the rest. Come on, you will be very involved in leaving your mark on ’10 After Midnight ‘, although then I imagine that everything will depend on the elected directors and that Netflix can reach an economic agreement with them. That it is one thing to let him choose and another to give him free budgetary bar…

Netflix has not wanted to give more details at the moment, so we only have to theorize which directors Del Toro will try to sign. On the big screen, he has produced authors such as JA Bayona, Vincenzo Natali, Guillem Morales and Andrés Muschietti, so it would not be unusual for him to try to convince some of them. For my part, I’m satisfied that the Mexican makes an episode adapting to Lovecraft or taking many elements of his universe.


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