Green or Red Apples
Green or Red Apples

Consuming fruit is always very beneficial for our body. Therefore, regardless of whether you opt for green or red apples, you will be ingesting a natural food with many properties. However, there are some differences between the two, which may be of interest to you. We tell you!

As we said, both are a good choice since they have no fat , so they are ideal in any type of diet you are doing; including specific weight loss programs. Both are a source of fiberproteins and carbohydrates. So, if you tend to opt for one, because you like it more, go ahead. In fact, apples are one of the most consumed fruits in the whole world.

Differences between green and red apples

The truth is that there are many types of apples. Include them all in green or red is a fairly general way of doing it. Even so, it is very effective to understand some aspects in which some focus more than others.

The green apples tend to be more acidic than red. The red ones, on the other hand, are sweeter. Therefore, there are people who have it clear and always choose their favorites according to the taste.

In terms of carbohydrate, fat, protein and calorie content, both types present an almost imperceptible difference; so, in this sense, any option will be right. Both have between 52 and 53 calories per 100g.

Red apples

  • Allied against the aging of the skin
  • Purify the blood
  • Its juice is very effective to treat fever
  • Cleans the bowel and is very healthy for the liver
  • Soothing effect
  • High iron content
  • Ideal for colds or respiratory conditions
  • They favor the memory
  • They benefit the health of the heart
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Green apples

  • Allied with the skin and able to protect it from sun damage, thus preventing serious diseases
  • Rich in fiber
  • It has a greater antioxidant power than red ones
  • It helps regulate sugar levels
  • Rich in  vitamin E, C, B and A
  • Suitable for people suffering from high cholesterol
  • Prevent osteoporosis

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