7 tricks to get the most out of Google translator
7 tricks to get the most out of Google translator

Google has within its applications a very interesting tool and used by all: Google Translator. This program has one of the most complete languages ​​identification and translation technologies in the world. Thousands of users use it every day, but very few know all the potential it can have.

With this, you can do many things, but usually users only resort to the program when they want to get out of trouble by knowing the meaning of a word or phrase. Therefore, in this article we will explore some of the best tricks for Google Translator:

1. Translate entire documents

Imagine that you download a document to read and it is in another language. You want to pass it through the Google translator, but it would take you a long time to copy and paste this document by paragraphs. Quiet, the same translator has the solution.

Many people do not know that Google Translator has an option to upload files and that the translator will do the hard work from there. The page accepts Word, PDF, PowerPoint or RTF files.

2. Translations by voice

Have you ever wanted to know how a phrase is translated, but you do not know how to write it? This usually happens when you meet someone who does not speak the same language as you and can not understand.

In these cases, all you have to do is, with the Google Translator’s mobile application, activate the microphone so Google can do the work for you. Do not forget to place the correct language!

3. Translation of a specific word

If you are translating something on the web, no matter how long it is, you can select a specific word to know its meaning, pronunciation, etc. The same Google opens a window down with all the information of that word.

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4. Translate SMS

The mobile application of Google Translate also has the function of translating text messages. All you have to do is select the main menu and choose the option “SMS translation“. You will automatically see your text messages. Select the one you want and it will give you the full translation of the message

5. Pronunciation of another language

Google Translator can become your best language teacher. The option to listen to a translated phrase can help you to practice the language you want. Do not forget to place the correct language with the phrase of the same language, otherwise you will get a rare translation that will cost you to understand.

6. Translate a web

Have you ever tried to follow the thread of a story, but is it hosted on a page from another language? Quiet, the translator of Google has the option, if you have the extension in your browser, to translate a web page that is in another language.

7. Save translations

If you are going to another country, this option can be very useful: save recent translations for later review. Both in the mobile application and on the web, this option can be activated by placing a golden star below the term you translated.

8. Touch panel

Tired of writing or talking? Why do not you draw? So is. Google Translator also allows you to activate the option of “tactile writing”. With it, a board will open so you can draw any word you want on it. Change the language to recognize the letters or words you are looking for.

9. Translate images

With the mobile application, you can use your camera to identify words in reality and translate them in real time. Remember to set the input and output language first to see the magic pass in front of your eyes.

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10. Dictionary for the foreigner

Google Translator has the option, in your mobile application, to download the languages ​​you want to consult it as a pocket dictionary. This way you will not have to worry about having to look for a place with Internet in another country to have a virtual dictionary.

11. Translation in full screen

The mobile application also has the option of, once you have translated a word or phrase, put it on the full screen to visualize it better. For this, you have to have activated the rotating screen and flip your cell phone. Easy, useful and practical.

12. Conversation mode

One of the most used and fun tricks is the conversation mode that you can activate on your favorite mobile device. After pressing the microphone, define the language of origin and destination, you can speak in real time to the translator and it will repeat everything you say in another language.

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