The sinister find that scares thousands Credits: Google Maps
The sinister find that scares thousands Credits: Google Maps

Hundreds of users are already used to seeing unusual images captured by Google Maps cameras. This is because the company Google continues to photograph the streets around the world to draw the Street View, tool that helps many users to locate.

However, some are difficult to explain or to believe. That’s because some are simple to understand and helps users get to the place, but others are images that seem to be taken from a scary story, as was the case here.

Precisely, it is one of those images that has no explanation is the one we show you, because a man was caught crouched on the ground in a wooded area looking at the Google Maps camera. But as if that were not enough, he is wearing a gas mask that does not allow the identification of his face.

So, this image that was captured by Google Maps turns out to be very threatening because the observer can not see who is behind the gas mask. Similarly, his position at that moment, gives the impression that he could attack the camera at any time.

However, since it is only a frozen view, the reason for wearing a gas mask is unknown. The image went viral and some users of Google Maps indicated that it is possible that the protagonist is enjoying a game of costumes with friends who at that time do not appear.

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