Apple CarPlay with iOS 12
Apple CarPlay with iOS 12

One of the news that has gone unnoticed after the presentation last Monday is this: you will be able to use navigation apps like Google and Waze in your car with CarPlay. This is great news for those users who connect their iPhone to the vehicle and use it to stay connected while driving to their destination.

CarPlay will allow you to use Google Maps and Waze

With the release of iOS 12, we are going to win a few small but interesting improvements. Among them is the possibility of using other map and navigation apps in a car with CarPlay. Let’s see in detail what it will consist of.

What are we going to be able to do with CarPlay and iOS 12?

CarPlay is the car entertainment system designed by Apple that connects to the iPhone. With it we can call by phone, listen to music, send messages and activate guided navigation. All this also with the help of Siri, the touch screen system and buttons.

At the beginning of CarPlay you could only use Apple apps, but now there are other options for almost everything

At first, the only apps that could be used with CarPlay were the official Apple apps. But with the passage of time, apps and third-party services have begun to arrive. Now you can use apps like WhatsApp, Spotify or Tidal.

With iOS 12, CarPlay users will be able to enjoy a new category of third-party apps: navigation systems. This means that if you use Google maps, Waze or Here you will be able to use them with your car. If you like these options, it is no longer necessary to use Apple Maps.

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How can you use other navigation apps on CarPlay?

CarPlay is a reflection of the software you have on your iPhone, you will need to update to iOS 12 to use Google Maps in your car

CarPlay is a reflection of the apps found on your iPhone. If you have a compatible system or car, you just have to connect your iPhone to the car by cable or wireless connection (if you have one), activate the CarPlay function and there should appear all your apps compatible with CarPlay.

You do not need to install Google Maps or Waze in your car or do anything else. Once you see one of them in your car system, you can use it.

When are we going to be able to do it and what do I need

Using Google Maps or Waze with CarPlay is linked to your iPhone and its iOS version. In the case of navigation apps, you will have to install iOS 12 on your terminal to start using it. Make sure your iPhone is compatible with iOS 12. Although there is an easy way to know: if your iPhone had iOS 11, you will also be able to upgrade to iOS 12.

As for its release date, there is still no official date . It is very possible that Apple released iOS 12 to the public in the second half of September, but if you like to tinker with devices you can try to install the beta.

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