Google Home vs Home Mini
Google Home vs Home Mini

Yesterday, Google launched in Mexico two of its smart speakers known as Google Home and Home Mini, which have some important differences beyond their design and size, and it is certainly important to know before making a purchase decision.

Before continuing I would like to mention that both products are possibly two of the best purchases you can make this year, because they have a lot of features such as controlling other electronic equipment through Wi-Fi, and thanks to their speakers we can listen to music without any problem with power and sharpness.

The specifications of both teams are the following:

Characteristic Google Home Google Home Mini
Dimensions Diameter: 96.4 mm
Height: 142.8 mm
Diameter: 98.0 mm
Height: 42 mm
Weight 477 grams 173 grams
Speakers High excursion speakers with dual passive 2 “radiators and 50.8 mm controller 360 ° sound with 40 mm controller
Microphones Dual voice recognition with far field compatible hands-free Dual voice recognition with far field compatible hands-free
Supported audio formats HE-AAC, LC-AAC, MP3, Vorbis, WAV (LPCM), Opus and FLAC with support for high resolution transmissions (24 bits / 96 KHz) HE-AAC, LC-AAC, MP3, Vorbis, WAV (LPCM), Opus and FLAC with support for high resolution transmissions (24 bits / 96 KHz)
Connectivity Wifi Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Supported operating systems Android and iOS Android and iOS
Colors Gray, with interchangeable mayas of different colors Gray, graphite and coral. Without interchangeable mayas.
Price $ 3,199 MXN $ 1,299 MXN

Audio quality

Well, as has been clear in the specifications table, the Google Home Mini is much smaller than the Google Home, which translates into less power, but also lower audio quality (but beware, because that does not mean that be bad).

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And is that while the Home has a transducer (which transforms the electric current into sound vibrations) of 50 millimeters, the Home Mini is 40 millimeters. Here the bigger the transducer, the better the power and the wider the frequency spectrum.

Google Home
Google Home

On the other hand the Google Home has 2 dual passive radiators that allow you to have a better sound quality and very well defined bass. In the case of the Home Mini we will not have passive radiators.

Here the main difference is that the Home Mini is a good option to use in a bedroom or kitchen, while the Home is ideal if we are thinking of using it as a main speaker in our entertainment room, because its audio quality and power they will allow to reproduce multimedia content in an incomparable way.

Design and functionality

As you could see in the video where we tested the new Google Home, one is much bigger than the other, the Home Mini even fits in the palm of the hand without major problem, besides that it is much lighter, on the other hand, the Google Home to be more powerful and powerful, is also larger, however, this has additional benefits.

Beyond the sound, the Home has a touch surface with which we can interact with the speaker by raising or lowering the volume, or by stopping and playing the music, alarms and other notifications, while in the Mini we can only pause the music from the application, or, with a voice command.

Regarding the volume in the Home Mini, on one side there are touch sensitive sensors with which we can control how loud the sound is, but obviously it is not the same experience as in the largest speaker.

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But one point in favor of the Google Home Mini is that it is the only one that has Bluetooth technology, so we can match other devices that do not have WiFi technology, so I reiterate that it is an ideal speaker to play music and content multimedia in our rest room.

Both speakers have two far-field microphones to listen to the user, but it is a fact that the Google Home are more advanced, because in addition to being long distance they also distinguish the user’s voice commands from ambient noise.


Obviously the Google Home to be a larger and more powerful speaker is also more expensive, because its price is $ 3,199 MXN, while the Mini costs only $ 1,299 MXN.

Here it is very important to consider what we want to use our smart speaker for, if we have the possibility of acquiring the Google Home, do not stop, but if you have a reduced budget, and you are thinking of buying one to listen to music in your room or some other fourth, the Home Mini will be the best option.

On the other hand, if you want your Google Home to be the center of power of your multimedia acoustic experience, then opt for the larger version.

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