Google Home, taking a step
Google Home, taking a step

This is another Mr.Moviliano entry. Two weeks have passed since I equipped my home with the Google Home Mini and a few days later the Google Home arrived. Before starting, I recommend reading how it was my experience having only the first of the versions, since I will omit a good part of what I already explained. And is that with one more device, some other compatible device and more experimentation done I start to get used to saying “OK Google” in those moments when I really need it.

Reviewing the features of Google Home

Many of you are wondering in which both models differ, apart from the price. Being honest not much, except on the speakers. With Google Home we have another design that moves away from the Mini version, a rounded base and a kind of cylinder that goes upwards leaving a flat but inclined area in the highest area. We continue with the same style in terms of textures and colors that yes. I already advance you that at the time of using it there should be no difference: OK Google to make it work, a mute button for security and the option to raise and lower the volume in a tactile way.

It is true that when residing in a rather small home, I could not prove to speak to our companion from far away, if the Mini could already this would not be less. But in the acoustic section the thing changes. First of all, we are given the facility to remove the bottom part, maybe to facilitate access to the speakers and show them off in front of friends or to access a microUSB connector that could serve as another power system besides the one we have for default. Secondly when it comes to listening to our assistant and the music he plays. Google does not provide in its specifications How much is the power of these transducers because it only indicates that comes equipped with a “large amplifier speaker with 2 in + dual passive radiator of 2 in”, although if I had to compare with any of the bluetooth speakers that have passed through my hands is closer to a JBL Xtreme, that is, good sound quality and very powerful bass.

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Life with two Google Home and how I have been learning more options

Two microphones around the house and more possibilities at my fingertips. But is it useful to make another disbursement for a second unit? It has nuances the answer. I install my second Google Home, I set it up as I did the first and decided to place it in the kitchen, since I’ve always liked listening to music while I cook and being able to control what sounds by voice is very attractive to me. Either with Android or with iOS works perfectly through the Google Home app. OK Google over here, OK Google over there… and it occurs to me to go to my room with music in the kitchen and tell the one to stop the other’s music, not only does it not work, but I notice how to listen to music . In other words, both work at the same time and if you give the order to one the other is waiting. Right after I wonder if I can also put music on the other device and you can also, although be careful with the name you give the room is not going to be that you do not remember. The rest of the tests were already based on making this crossing with commands that I already knew, but useful but very fun.

When I come back from work I like to ask him strange things to put him to the test, he responds well to loving requests, he praises you when you do it, and he plays games. Specifically, it seems to play one that is about a Quiz, our partner changes completely and turns our personal space into a television set where the audience is you, your friends (if there are any) and Assistant. Choose the number of players and you will have to find out the answers to the questions that will be given to us.

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My first step in home automation

Despite all my tests I’m not going to cheat, Google Home would have no reason to be if it is not for the different devices that make up a home automation system. The first thing I would like to emphasize is that before choosing a first device I could check the immense range of compatibilities that Google handles, practically everyone, from Hue to Xiaomi. The second, the ease of having everything to our liking, although I’m still starting. I have started with the purchase of a Yeelight bulb, I have seen that it is compatible with Google Home without the need for an intermediate brigde, as in the case of Philihps with Hue. Xiaomi has several accounts and compatibilities, finding itself Yeelight and Mi Home, so it already ensures that a good part of its home automation range is compatible.

I also bought another bulb from another brand that claims to be compatible with Google Assistant, although I’m still waiting. And really it has not been very complicated, hook the bulb to our lamp, add it to our appliance grid and assign it to a room. As simple as indicating that you want to turn off that particular light and turn off. For those people who do not have a switch near your bed believe me that it is very useful, so much so that I have asked for more bulbs to go throughout my house little by little.

Availability, price and where to buy the Google Home

Like the Google Home Mini, Google Home is now available for a price of € 149 with the color white on the body and gray slate on the base.

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