Google European Commission
Google European Commission

The story that faces Google and the European Commission is on track to be longer than the lawsuit that Apple and Samsung maintained. The keys to the story and you should know: Europe cries against Google for the abuse that exerts the company with Android applications. And soon we will have a new delivery in the form of a fine.

As the Washington Post advances , the European Commission is studying the application of a new fine to Google for its abuse of manufacturers and Google Apps. Europe does not see with good eyes that Google forces to install Chrome and its service of search in the devices that are sold in the continent. For its part, the company claims that at no time is it mandatory to install its application package: it is the manufacturers who choose to do so.

Margrethe VestagerEuropean Commissioner for Competition, maintains a strong position around the consideration of Android as a Google monopoly. According to statements from the Commissioner’s closest environment, the US company will soon face a new fine for the imposition of Google Apps and search service. The fine will be considerable: it is estimated that it will be around billions of dollars.

Europe wants Europeans to be able to choose whether or not we want Google apps

On the one hand we have a movement on the part of the European Commission in order to improve the options of the users; on the other we find the logical position of Google trying to defend your product in the operating system that distributes. After all, the company does not force any manufacturer to install its applications or the search service: brands are the ones who commit to include the Google Play Store on their devices.

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While there is always an option not to include Google services on an Android it is also true that a mobile or tablet that is not registered by Google loses much of its appeal. The American company knows that the Play Store is a decisive factor to sneak into each user’s device; so it takes advantage to force the installation of the rest of its services. This attitude achieves that the majority of Android phones distributed in Europe bring Google Chrome and Google Search by default. If we add that Android is in more than 85% of the mobile park, the domain of Google is resounding.

Google has a dominant position on Android devices no matter how many manufacturers choose

It is not the first fine that Google receives from the European Commission: it has already encountered a monetary whip in the form of 2420 million dollars. He does not seem to be aware of that fine because Android’s attitude in Europe has not changed. And surely do not do it because Google maintains a strong strategy with all its products: it has managed to complement them in such a way that it  is impossible to separate them.

We will remain vigilant to see how the European Commission finally responds. According to estimates, Google will receive one of the largest antitrust fines issued in the continent.

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