Google Play Store in Android
Google Play Store in Android

Google has risen today wanting to clean in the Android application store. On a regular basis, the “big G” proceeds to the elimination of different types of applications considered not suitable for Google Play.

Before proceeding with the deletion, Google updates the store’s developer policies, where it is clearly specified what kind of apps and games will be removed from the store.

On this occasion, the company has focused on all those applications capable of mining cryptocurrencies, those that repeat – or try to plagiarize – the appearance and functionality of other more popular ones, whose sole function is to display advertisements, and that, intentionally, try to trick users.

Google cleans on Google Play

As pointed out by Android Police, the process of removing applications has recently begun, after the company updated the store’s policies to reflect the new categories of applications not allowed.

In the first place, all those applications supposedly aimed at children, but with content for adults are no longer allowed, and therefore will be eliminated. Nor are those that, either front or back to the user, their function is to mine cryptocurrencies taking advantage of the physical resources of the smartphone.

It will also proceed to the elimination of those tools that, in some way, facilitate the purchase of weapons or ammunition. Finally, it is specified that, in case of discovering an application with a content, interface or functionalities very similar or directly plagiarized, they will be permanently eliminated. And the same with those that are created by automated tools, based on templates and later sent for publication on Google Play.

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Over the years, Google Play has gained the reputation of including applications with a quality much lower than that of iOS. Luckily, lately Google seems to be taking more seriously to improve the image of the platform through increasingly stringent standards. Therefore, measures like these are always welcome, however strict they may seem.

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