Gigi Hadid without make-up Zayn Malik stains
Gigi Hadid without make-up Zayn Malik stains

Not only was he surprised to show his most natural look… but for what he said about Zayn Malik! That is the case of the model Gigi Hadid, who decided to show off her beauty without retouching or makeup, revealing what attribute is the one that drives her boyfriend crazy – with whom she returned a little over a month ago.

The photo that is in sight? One that the famous one published in his Instagram Stories, in which he appears above a car with a rather relaxed appearance, composed of a black top with jeans as well as the hair collected in a chongo, a look with which he highlighted his eyes, cheekbones eyebrows populated as well as the most luminous and perfect skin.

This was applauded by her fans, who filled with praise the model of 23 years in their multiple networks by joining this trend to document the natural appearance of women, which has been adopted by other celebs such as Jennifer Lopez and seeks put an end to the stereotypes imposed by society – in addition to highlighting the beauty of an appearance without makeup.

Of course… her photo was not the only surprise that Gigi prepared for her followers, because in this mini video she wrote a little hint to her boyfriend Zayn: “My baby says he likes my sunspots. blocker, “said the famous hinting at the small specks caused by the sun exposure that has all over his skin.

The best? Is that just these details, which many people often remove, have become one of the most distinctive features of their appearance, making it shine both on the catwalks and in photo shoots. And a plus is that your boyfriend is hypnotized by them!

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