Pool Exercises
Pool Exercises

Although we usually associate the pool with the summer, nowadays we can enjoy it throughout the year. Therefore, in addition to swimming and other water sports, there are some routines that we can follow to acquire the advantages that underwater exercises provide us.

Practicing underwater exercise has many advantages that we can not ignore:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Fight osteoporosis
  • It promotes the release of stress and accumulated tensions
  • Tones the body
  • Reduces cellulite and sagging
  • Ideal for rehabilitation after suffering some injuries

It is important to take into account the muscular activation to be able to really exercise with the practice. If we do it as if we were playing, relaxed with heavy musculature, we will be working little. So, before we start, we should be aware that the next 20 minutes , approximately, we will be doing a sports practice. Thus, we will notice how we strengthen the abdominal area, arms, buttocks and legs. Go for it!

Exercises to perform in the pool

1. Walking and running

Walking with big strides, like running, with the resistance of the water strengthens the whole of the musculature. You can simulate the movement of the running carried the knees to the chest and mobilizing the opposite arm, as if you were running, but without moving from the site. Hold this movement for at least 3 minutes. The water should reach the shoulders.

2. Military jumps

With the water at waist level, it jumps opening and closing the legs. At the same time that the legs open, the arms also do it, joining the hands on the head, with the elbows extended. When you jump so that the legs meet again, the arms return to the site, next to the body. Make jumps for 2 minutes. If you want to give more intensity, increase the pace.

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3. Knees to the chest

Open your arms in a cross, and lean on the curb with your back against the wall. Keeping the legs together, raise the knees to the chest, hold for 5 seconds and lower. You must exert the force from the abdominals. Repeat for 3 minutes with the muscles activated.

4. Sentedillas

For 2 minutes, perform the squats with which you feel most comfortable. You can do normal, lunges or strides, sumo squats or even pistols. The ideal is to make several series of different variants. So you know, choose your favorites and work!

5. Side kicks

Support the side of your body on the wall by holding onto the curb with the closest arm. Perform leg raising up to hip height and low. Do it for 2 minutes and change legs. Focus on the placement and activation of your body.

6. Circles of arms

With the water at neck level, open the arms in a cross, activate them and carry out, for a minute, small circles forward. Without rest, continue another minute changing the direction of the circles . Rest and repeat.

7. Abdominals with leg raise

With the same technique as the previous exercise on your knees to the chest, stick to the wall with your arms crossed on the curb. Keep your legs together and raise, this time without bending the knees, legs at hip height, forming an angle of 90 degrees with respect to the trunk. Hold 5 seconds and go down in a controlled manner.

8. Get out on the curb!

And now, the most expensive thing for many! It does not have too much complication in terms of technique. Imagine there are no stairs, and get out by the curb. If you feel upbeat, you can go back to the pool and leave again.

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