G Spot Surgery
G Spot Surgery

The G-spot is as controversial as it is mysterious and although it has been almost eight decades since the  gynecologist  Ernst Gräfenberg  first spoke about it, its existence and pleasing properties remain a controversial issue. 

The topic returned to the discussion table after the plastic surgeon  Adam Ostrzensky published the results of a study of three women who made a ‘PuntoG-plasty’ five years ago. 

The intervention consisted of  cutting a small piece of tissue  and then  joining it again to favor  the  contraction  of the vaginal wall and, with it, its  sensitivity.

In his report, Ostrzensky says that patients undergoing surgery reported that they had vaginal orgasms with different degrees of intensity, that the modified vaginal wall had improved their elasticity and that they were all very satisfied with the result. 

The results presented seem very encouraging but the method has many detractors yet to begin with, they argue that not all women can have vaginal orgasm and there are even those who say that it does not exist.

For now, the surgeon has helped three lucky women recover sexual happiness and the method (which is already implemented by many doctors in the world), could have a pleasant success in the future.

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