Brandon Flynn and Sam Smith
Brandon Flynn and Sam Smith

Celebrities such as Holly Hagan, Miley Cyrus, Sam Smith and Lili Reinhart have been increasingly talking about battles waged with their mental health hoping to end all the stigma caused by the subject and to also help other people who go through the same type of problem.

Knowing the importance of this theme, we separated some speeches from the celebrities who managed to inspire and encourage the people who also go through this. As our Geordie once said, “No matter what you’re going through, you’re NOT ALONE.”

1Holly Hagan

Holly Hagan

Our Holly has become a big advocate of mental health awareness and, as she says in this Instagram post, she is determined to help end the taboo surrounding mental health by talking about it.

“I am a girl who will always have anxiety, but I am also a girl who is telling you that she has no control over life! For the first time, I am very happy and grateful for every day being able to get through it. I can not remember the last time I had a panic attack! 👊🏼 There is always someone to listen to for what you are going through, you ARE NOT ALONE 🙌🏼❤ #paremcomestigma.

2Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

After performing at Capital FM Summertime Ball in 2016, Zayn said: “I do not have the feeling of security in anything I do. I always strive for something better.”

“That’s why sometimes I come across the wrong path – a little distant. I get stressed out trying to control myself, “said the former One Direction member.

4Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift opened to the NME about her anxiety, telling the magazine, “And it may seem, sometimes, when you let your anxiety get the better of you, as if everyone was expecting you to really screw it up – and then you do”.

5Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

In an interview with ABC News, Demi was very honest about her mental health problems: “[My eating disorder and self-harm] were the way I found to express my own shame, myself, and my own body. I was combining the exterior with the interior.”

“There were times when my emotions were so intense that I did not know what to do. The only way I could get some instant gratification was through an immediate release of myself, “Demi said.

6Sam Smith

Sam Smith

Sam Smith acknowledged that mental health is being seen as a bigger problem because people are finally talking about their struggle.

“I have a lot of anxiety, I really have to fight,” the singer recently told the The Sun. “I was so nervous at this year’s Grammy. I thought I could have more control of my body and my emotions, but I was so nervous that I almost had a panic attack.”

“I’m trying to take care of my mental health. Mental health problems are popping up because people are starting to talk about it. So many people go through many things. For me, my music has been my therapy,” Sam revealed.

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7Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart

Riverdale” actress Lili Reinhart confessed that it was Demi Lovato’s mental health statements that helped her with her own problems related to it.

“I’ve never seen anyone talk about it. I remember being in middle school and listening to Demi Lovato talking about her mental illness and that comforting,” Lili explained in an interview to Ocean Drive .

“But I wanted more people to get up. I needed more people to talk about. It was like, all these people can not be so happy, can they? It was like a not very realistic picture that was painted in front of me of all these happy, beautiful and successful people. I still feel and I go through the depression, you should not feel ashamed of it. You do not have to always justify yourself on the way you feel, “said the actress.


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