Cupid vs Eros. Who will win?
What do users look for when linking in an application?Cupid vs Eros. Who will win?

Flirting is one of the busiest activities in humans, courting a person of the same sex or opposite sex is undoubtedly one of the attributes that define people, however, the way of linking has been changing through the years, and since 2009 took an unexpected turn with the launch of the app to link as Grindr, and then in 2012 they became popular with the appearance of Tinder.

And despite the fact that many of us can remain skeptical about its effectiveness, data from The Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU) reveal that Mexicans who use these applications usually agree on a meeting in a positive amount of time with respect to their time of use of the application.

For example, users who claim to enter at least once a month to one of these applications have an appointment or physical encounter every 2.4 months, while those users with an access frequency that exceeds the specific month a meeting every 3.8 months.

What are the users looking for in these linking applications?

Data from the study mention that at the end of 2017, 29.3% of Internet users in Mexico use or have used ligation apps, which means that 21.7 million subscribers seek to meet people or simply have a sexual encounter.

According to CIU reveals, of all the respondents, 27.3% are looking for their average orange, 31.8% use them with the purpose of having casual sex, and the remaining 40.9% want to meet people, although they did not detail what type of people or for what, so we leave that to the imagination.

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But linking with these applications goes beyond just creating an account, because here are other very important factors to consider as is the physical aspect and interests in common, because at least 34.4% of users who are not looking for casual sex would choose to a person with similar interests, 14% look for a boy or girl with good physical attractiveness, which is not the same as the 38.7% who want their date to be someone handsome or beautiful.

For obvious reasons, people who use these applications for casual sex have a preference for physical appearance and are not interested in details such as common interests.

But a very important detail to consider is that the problem of these applications are the high disappointments between a match in the digital world and the encounter in real life, because at least 23.1% of users of linking applications mentioned that they use Photoshop or an application that makes them look more attractive in order to increase the number of matches or links.

Tell us, have you used these applications? What has been your experience?

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