Mixes Fiction Photos
Mixes Fiction Photos

François Dourlen is a photographer in his spare time. Professor of Letters and History in a high school in Cherbourg, he waved the canvas with his photomontages mixing the stars of our TV series / cult movies and reality.

His Instagram account, with its 102,000 subscribers records more than 720 publications that all have the distinction of mixing scenes of everyday life with icons of pop culture.

This is how we can admire Daenerys on a computer, Spiderman hang on to a TER, AND want to phone or Maggie Simpson play sax…

The artist explains that it is “super simple: I walk in the street, I see something, I have an idea, I go on Google image look for the visual that I thought, I load it in the phone , take out my SLR and take the picture »

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