Sensual talk with your partner tips
Sensual talk with your partner tips
  1. “I’m getting out of the shower”: you can or do not do what you say, but if you do, you’ll actually sound more convincing. So better to do it, the call will sound truly real. So once you find yourself naked, outside the shower, call him when he is about to get home (of course, be careful to do so in situations where he is in danger, for example, while driving or at times when you can interrupt it, in the middle of an important meeting) and describe what happened in the hot shower or in the room while you are thinking about it. The best part is the end: when you tell him that you will wait for him like that when he gets home. I assure you it will arrive earlier than ever.
  2. “I’m touching and I think of you”: this type of call can be done at any time. You could even take advantage of the technology and send a text message or if you want to be more daring, send suggestive photographs. Something more conceptual, nothing explicit. The best, remember it always, is in the details. At the time of the description the idea is to play with the language and not be so explicit. Now if from time to time, some sound of pleasure comes out of your mouth, let it out. He will love that. He will want to be by your side soon. No doubt it will be a long-distance experiment that he will appreciate and will not forget in a long time.
  3. “You are my erotic fantasy”: There is nothing better for men than elevating their ego to the maximum power. Is there anything better than telling them that they are sex gods? What is the fantasy you always dreamed of? Of course, it’s not about lying. And there is also some truth in that. So better tell him. For this you can not be naked, or just showered, or touching. You can sit quietly in your desk chair thinking about what you will say and do it a few minutes later. And think about telling him everything you’ve really thought about him, about sex and what he does for you in bed. Say everything and surely he will continue the conversation to make it an endless erotic chat.
  4. Moment climax: What better to do before and call moments before orgasm? This oh, oh, oh it is more advisable to do it when you have already practiced other calls before. This will not be so surprising and you will always want more. Before you can prepare a text message in which you will say something like “I’m thinking of you, I’ll call you” He will be looking forward to that call. But also, as always, think about the ideal time to do it, not with friends or at work, but yes, why not, while traveling in the subway, while waiting for the bus, while walking home or while waiting for you in the cafe. The meeting after the call will have an accomplice and delicious smile, rarely experienced.
  5. Help yourself to a sex toy: if you do not dare to tell him that you are doing this or that thing by yourself, then turn it on while you tell him that you are using some sex toy. Make yourself be accompanied by noises, moans, and all the sensations that truly come to you at that moment. He will simply love it.

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