1Connected world

Complete Internet map in 2005 developed within the framework of the Opte project. It represents in 3 dimensions the active connections between the server computers on the internet. The color corresponds to the geographical area in which they are found (Blue: United States, Green: Europe and Africa, Red: Asia…).

2Traffic on the Net

Map of global real-time Internet traffic carried out by Akamai, where the geographic areas with the most web traffic are reflected on May 17 at 9 a.m. California (USA), with more than 10%, is the area with the most traffic. They are followed by the United Kingdom (4.5%), Japan (4.4%) and China (4.1%).


Infographics of internet domains in the world, represented on a world map by John Yunker. The growth of the domains of India (.in) and China (.cn) is observed.

4The world connects

Internet map created in 2007 by computer expert Chris Harrison. It shows how the cities of different continents interconnect through the network of networks. In total the visualization collects about 90,000 connections.

5The information on Twitter

Map created by the University of Indiana on how information is disseminated on Twitter, the microblogging platform. Prepared as part of the Truthy research project to investigate “social epidemiology”, that is, how a topic spreads through the Twitteresphere, how pollution occurs, what turns a subject into Trending Topic, etc.


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