‘Suspiria’ is one of the heights of the filmography of Dario Argento, the Italian director who played a key role in the enormous popularity of the giallo during the first half of the 70s. With that title. In Hollywood they had been trying for several years to carry out a remake that has finally come true with Dakota Johnson as the main character of the show and now we can finally see its stimulating first images.

The story of ‘Suspiria’ revolves around a young dancer who begins her career in an elite dance academy on the same night that one of her students is brutally murdered . At first all are facilities for the newcomer, but soon everything will become rare and your stay there will become a nightmare…

Update: the images have been removed by Amazon’s requirement.

UPDATE May 14: Amazon has released, now, the first official images of the film and has announced its release for next November 2

The female protagonist of the saga ‘Fifty shades’ has been placed here under the command of Luca Guadagnino in his first work since the sensational ‘Call Me By Your Name’. In his cast we will also see Tilda Swinton, Chloë Grace Moretz, Mia Goth and Jessica Harper, the protagonist of the original 1977 film. As a curiosity it is worth noting that the singer Miguel Bosé had a prominent role in Argento’s film.

For my part, I love the original ‘Suspiria’, but that does not stop me from feeling a lot of curiosity about this adaptation. I only hope that Guadagnino has gone beyond mere reproduction, although Johnson commented that shooting the film left her soemotionally touched that she had to start going to therapy to recover. It sounds promising. Now it’s time to have patience, that its release is scheduled for 2018, but the exact date has not yet been specified.

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