After confirming all the protagonists, the shooting of HBO’s new ‘Watchmen‘ television series has already begun and now we can take a first look at what is taking place on the set of film. As you can see if you get into Hollywood Pipeline (WE CAN NOT SHARE PHOTOGRAPHS ON THIS WEB PAGE BECAUSE YOU ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT, YOU HAVE TO ENTER THE LINK), the actor Don Johnson has been caught in the skin of a police sergeant and surrounded by officers whose faces are covered by yellow masks.

Are we in front of Hollis Mason, the first Night Owl, in HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ series?

But what character are you playing? What is your role in the HBO ‘Watchmen‘ series? Well… The truth is that it is difficult to know with certainty, but the aforementioned website has described what they have seen in the following way: “Don Johnson seems to lead some kind of paramilitary organization (or parallel to the police) in an alternative city of Tulsa » This fits perfectly with the reports that the series would focus on Oklahoma policemen, rather than on the original DC comics characters. Something that, surely, will disappoint the lovers of the epic writer story by Alan Moore and drawn by Dave Gibbons. However, for all those we encourage you to continue enjoying the comic or to put on the ‘Watchmen‘ movie directed by Zack Snyder.

However, it is worth noting that Hollis Mason was a cop in the 1930s, so perhaps Don Johnson is playing the original Night Owl, a member of the Minutemen who later passed the mantle to Daniel Dreiberg. However, this seems a little exaggerated to think and it seems much more likely that we get a kind of sequel that explains what happened in the world after what happened and after the departure of Dr. Manhattan.

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