Fertility Women Fast Food
Fertility Women Fast Food

Many women find it difficult to get pregnant, even being of childbearing age and making calculations about what is the best time of the month for it. What few people stop to think is that perhaps their diet is playing tricks on them and their chances of pregnancy are reduced significantly. We tell you how a study links fast food and low fruit intake with female fertility.

More fruits and less fast food

The research found that taking regular fast food and avoiding fruit affects the fertility of women. They took as a sample the time they took to get pregnant, depending on the type of food they had.

More than 5,500 women from Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Ireland decided to participate in the study, answering questions from their midwives at the first prenatal check-ups.

It was striking to see that, compared to women who almost never ate fast food, those who did more than four times a week, it took another month to get pregnant.
Also, those who took fruit one to three times a month, compared to those who did more than three times a day, took half a month more to reach gestation.

Food has a fundamental role

Healthy eating has a vital role in any function of our life, but especially if you are a woman and you are in the process of creating a life.

The scientists studied how feeding influences infertility in women who participated in the study. The risk of infertility increases from 8 to 12% in those that barely consume fruit; being between 8 and 16% in which they eat fast food four or more times a week.

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Not only is it important that we prepare the body in the months before pregnancy, but having good health and avoiding cardiovascular diseases will also increase the chances of being more fertile. Obesity is also an impediment to pregnancy, which is why many doctors advise mothers to lose weight before looking for a child.

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