Fernanda Castillo
Fernanda Castillo

If anything characterizes Fernanda Castillo is his sculptural figure, just look at the snapshots he has shared on social networks of his walks on the beach in a bikini, or the sexy outfits he chooses for the red carpet. However, beyond what her fans can appreciate, she is aware that personal acceptance is the most important thing. In this moment of his life, he has taken the opportunity to reflect on this issue and confess to his fans that she has also had to live a battle with her weight.


The actress opened her heart to express how much she was moved by watching the documentary entitled Embrace, which she discovered thanks to the new character she will play for a movie. Without giving further details revealed that for this new mission will have to raise a few kilos, something that also led her to wonder: why do we hate our body? “I’ve had a battle with weight all my life, first as a dancer since I was very young and then as an actress, until the day I transformed my body to play Monica Roblesso I made the decision to play a character that needs me gain weight again, has confronted me a lot and is teaching me more, “the star began.

In all honesty, Fernanda acknowledged how reflections on her weight have influenced her, something that has led her to admit a position that she is willing to change. “Watching this documentary I became more aware that many people have felt or feel the same as me: dissatisfied with their body for one reason or another,” wrote the star on his Instagram account. “Why are we so anxious to achieve a ‘perfection’ that does not exist? How can we truly accept and embrace each other?… “the star concluded in his moving message.

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The reaction of his fans was immediate, and they sent him samples of support for the sincere message in which he invited everyone to be more aware of his body. In addition, with the simplicity that characterizes her, she took the time to answer some messages from her fans, to whom with a “thank you”, she showed them her empathy. With some users he wanted to delve into his answers, reiterating that strength and confidence in oneself will always be the key to get ahead. “It’s a difficult process, but you have to love each day no matter what happens,” he wrote.


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