Idris Elba will be the villain of the spin off of 'Fast and Furious'?
Idris Elba will be the villain of the spin off of ‘Fast and Furious’?

“He’s a baaaaaad man“. With this message on Twitter, Dwayne Johnson has welcomed Idris Elba to the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise. The protagonist of the series ‘Luther’ will play the villain of ‘Hobbs and Shaw’, a film that will be centered on the characters of “The Rock” and Jason Statham.

According to MovieWeb’s information, Elba will play Mr. Null, a British international terrorist who always goes black. ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ will be a great opportunity for the British interpreter to recover from the failure of ‘The Dark Tower’.

This spin-off will arrive in the United States on August 2, 2019, which has delayed the ninth installment of the Toretto saga to 2020 . Since the arrival of Dwayne Johnson revitalized the saga in its fifth installment the project of a sin-off centered on him was on the table at Universal, and the idea of ​​uniting him with Jason Statham finished pushing the film.

A spin-off full of incentives

It is speculated that Charlize Theron, the great villain of ‘Fast and Furious 8’, retakes its role in this film. Perhaps because of the direction will be David Leitch (‘Deadpool 2‘), who already worked with the South African in ‘Atomic’ In the script repeats Chris Morgan, author of the script of all movies in the series. With all these elements, we may not even mind waiting a little longer to see Toretto and company.

Curiosities of Idris Elba

1Heart Gunner

Beyond the world of interpretation, and other professional fields of which we will discuss later in this special, one of the greatest passions of Idris Elba is football, or rather, the Arsenal Football Club. And, from the age of 15, the actor has been following the actuality of the London team with authentic devotion, even going to numerous games played in the dazzling Emirates Stadium. A hobby that, yes, has led him to face on numerous occasions with his father, a fan of Manchester United, one of the most emblematic rivals of Arsenal. The classic Sundays football and anger at home Elba.

2DJ Elba

Make way for ‘Big Driiss the Londoner’. That is, open the way to the DJ version of the very Idris Elba. And it is no joke, the actor has been responsible for declaring on numerous occasions that music fills him in a more special way than any other of the things that are present in his life, meaning much more than a simple hobby. In fact, you can perfectly consider a career parallel to the one he maintains as an actor, currently counting on several discs published. In addition, he collaborated and did co-producer work on the album ‘American Gangster’ by his friend Jay Z.

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3Exclusive cover

Throughout his career, Idris Elba has starred in dozens of covers of major and important publications around the world. However, if we had to stay with only one, it is clear that the chosen one would be Maxim Magazine, a magazine always led by women… until he arrived. Indeed, Elba is the only man who has appeared on the cover in the history of the publication. None before and none after. Legend.


The works of Idris Elba have been characterized, almost always, by the impulse, the stomach, the strength and the charisma capable of destroying everything in its path. A technique that comes from the bowels, since the actor never went to any class or academy of interpretation, being one of the few self-taught Hollywood stars. Natural talent, without retouches or additions.

5Vagabond life

The beginnings of Idris Elba were not exactly a path of roses. In fact, it was something much more similar to a route full of thorns everywhere. In that sense, there is no better example, or more forceful, than the many nights in which the actor had to sleep in his car, an Astro van, however, remember fondly: “I had five or six seats and fell asleep I went to the auditions in the morning and I earned something by playing music at night, that period ended when they hired me on ‘The Wire (Bajo Escucha)'”Out dramas, better see the glass half full. And the comfortable car.

6Marvel controversy

With Marvel we have come across. First version of the story: Idris Elba participates in ‘Thor’, a work with which he is satisfied until, apparently, he sees for the first time a final montage of the film in which his character did not have as much presence as the actor I thought I would have. From that moment, coupled with its virtually no relevance in ‘Thor: The Dark World‘ and ‘Avengers: The Age of Ultron‘, the feeling that Elba is deeply disappointed begins to be something more than an intuition. A situation that ended up exploding after some statements in which the actor claimed that his interpretation in the first installment of Thor had “ripped the heart.

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However, later it would be Elba himself who would change his mind and point directly to the press in the following way: “I do not know where the people got that from, uncle, I was talking specifically about the comparison between playing Heimdall one day and interpret Mandela the next.That is bungled journalism, or just a misinterpretation of my words.I have a great relationship with the Marvel team.The people are really treating this as if they said, ‘Oh my God, you do not want to be in Marvel ‘It’s crazy . 

7Stepping on the accelerator

It’s not that Idris Elba likes cars, that of course he does, but that it’s something like a legend in that world. So much? So much. The reason for this status is summed up in a beach on the south coast of Wales, Pendine Sands, formed by 11 kilometers in which mud and water is almost always omnipresent. That’s why, when the tide relaxes, this area becomes a racetrack as risky as it is attractive to motor enthusiasts. And that’s where, in 1924, Sir Malcolm Campbell appears, the first person to get a speed record in Pendine Sands at 235.22 km / h. From then on, Campbell himself along with John Godfrey Parry-Thomas fought to get this figure burst, something that happened years later when the first of them managed to reach 280.38 km / h.

A record that nobody had managed to overcome until, almost nine decades later, Idris Elba arrived. The actor, driving a Bentley Continental GT Speed, scored 290.26 km / h., Which made him the new king of Pendine Sands. Applause for the champion.

8A different Mandela

When one decides to accept the challenge of getting into the skin of a figure as relevant and universal as Nelson Mandela, it is normal for him to dream of his subsequent approval. Idris Elba, of course, was no exception, so his work on the failed Mandela. From myth to man ‘was pending final judgment until Mandela himself saw on an iPad the first images of the film.

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His answer was as short as blunt“And am I supposed to be?”. A reaction away from all kinds of enthusiasm that, fortunately, improved when he had the opportunity to see the official trailer of the tape, moment in which he valued with particular satisfaction the work that Elba had developed to get his voice. It’s something.

9My name is Elba, Idris Elba

Idris Elba and James Bond are two names that, for a very, very long time, seemed to be bound to appear together in every rumor that came from Hollywood related to the most famous spy in the history of cinema. The reason, simple, was that many viewers and fans of the series wanted the actor to get the role that Daniel Craig confessed to be tired of playing. Until, apparently, it has stopped being. In this sense, in front of the fans of Elba, voices also appeared against his hypothetical election as new agent 007, being one of the most outstanding, and authorized, that of Anthony Horowitz, author of the last book published on James Bond until the date.

Asked about it, the writer said that Elba was “too street” for the role, unfortunate statements to which the actor responded days later through his Instagram account with a phrase: “Never lose the smile. No effort and it does not hurt, I learned it on the street.” Absolute class versus the easiest and laziest criticism.

10Elba and love

We have seen him in action movies, in futuristic thrillers, in biopics, in intense dramas, in superhero tapes and even voicing numerous characters of animation proposals. However, Idris Elba has a thorn in his side: “I do not understand why nobody has ever offered me a romantic comedy, no, I’m not kidding, I have to figure out how to get something lighter than the roles I’ve been playing for years.” We are sure that it would work like a charm in a Richard Curtis story. We cross fingers to make your dream come true.


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