Facebook buys Bloomsbury AI
Facebook buys Bloomsbury AI

In order to avoid and root out false news, Facebook acquired Bloomsbury AI to promote and combat the heavy struggle that is released against the content that turns out to be false and is only meant to confuse users.

The new acquisition of the company is also part of the plan to recover the trust of the people, after it came to light the leak of private information that apparently Russian people had to know how to influence the approach of the people regarding the Their position on Donald Trump in 2016, when he was not elected as president of the United States.

The artificial intelligence company, Bloomsbury AI based in the United Kingdom, will help the company to leave behind the Cambridge Analytica scandal, as well as to expand the fact-check (verification of facts) to a greater number of countries.

The purchase, valued at 30 million dollars, according to expert estimates, commented through a message posted on the Facebook Academics account how happy they were with the union and that the contribution of the AI ​​company, will make improvements in the functioning of the famous social network.

The fact that Bloomsbury AI has been acquired by Facebook will result in a better corroboration of data, since the automatic learning that this first one performs is one of the main mechanisms that the “face-book” uses to detect news. false, which is now defined as “hate content”.

Added to this, there will be a human review team to give the correct context to some cases and not be frowned upon by some misinterpretation of the program; This is how you want to have a group of 20,000 content moderators who will be dedicated to finding and reviewing special publications.

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It seems that the company wants to amend its error, but it will be a matter of time to see if it did well or was wrong again.

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