Facebook announces Memories
Facebook announces Memories

Although Facebook is in a complicated moment that does not prevent it from announcing news for its platform. Today we have one that affects both the computer users and those who visit the social network from the mobile, which by the way, are the clear majority. It is a new section where everything we have done in the past will be grouped together and Facebook believes it is necessary to remember. There will be all kinds of content that we have published and shared. If you like the ‘On this day‘ section, the new ‘Memories’ section is an advanced version that adds even more content. The shame when it comes to remembering old times is assured, that’s why you should not worry.

Whether you share a lot of content or little, Facebook perfectly remembers what you did on day X at time Z. If the section on ‘On this day’ showed you what you had published in previous years, now the new section will make a a much broader summary of your activity on the social network during that day from other years and other relevant publications that Facebook does not want you to miss.

Memories reaches Facebook and you can remember your past activity

The new Memories section can be visited both from the computer and from the mobile. It is located on the right side by clicking on ‘More’. You can regularly find content of 4 types, divided into 4 sections that Facebook has left well explained. You can see the content of always remembering the publications of previous years on the day you visit. This will remain almost the same, since Facebook tells the ad that is a section that is very popular and visited by more than 90 million people daily. 

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In another of the sections you can see the friends you followed on this day. It will let you know if you made a friend that same day but in previous years. You can congratulate him or just have it as a curious fact. This section goes back to all your years on Facebook, so you can know how long you’ve been following your friends.

Another section will allow us to see monthly summaries of our past activity. It will be in the form of a collage or short video and will include publications and photographs that Facebook has taken as important. The operation of this small section is still a bit in the air, but you can see how it works in the coming weeks.

Finally, this section of Me mories will also leave you with a section of memories that you have overlooked. All the content that you have not seen in the other sections will be shown here, so you will not miss anything if you have not logged in to Facebook for a few days.

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