Facebook Messenger Power Pro
Facebook Messenger Power Pro

I will not be the one who defends the use of Facebook and Messenger on my mobile phone because I not only have both of them away from my smartphones, I also recommend eliminating them. Now, there are times that are needed, if only to share with friends / family the photo with your feet on the beach. Well, for those moments a new app named Power Pro has arrived.

It does not give the impression that the app is dedicated to bringing Facebook functions, at least by name, but it’s like this: Power Pro is an unofficial Facebook and Messenger client that brings the good of the network to any Android and the messaging app without having to carry the bad. It is not more than the embedded web version, but without having to do without anything. Not even personalization…

Unify the Facebook and Messenger experience in a single app with 20 MB of weight

Power Pro has no greater mystery because, if you tend to use the web version of Facebook and / or Messenger, you will find yourself almost at home. All with the advantage of having both applications and networks in one place with the option of receiving notifications from private messages.

Power Pro opens the door to Facebook and Facebook Messenger as you prefer. You can activate or deactivate functions such as Stories, for example. There are a lot of color palettes to choose from, you can activate a dark mode, another special one for AMOLED screens, you have the option to choose mobile or desktop version, apply automatic mute for certain hours of the day… The application allows you to mark as default receiving the most recent news first. And yes, it also allows you to block ads and apply filters to the news.

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It’s a really awesome new Facebook client. If you can do without Facebook and Messenger but, even so, you do not want to get away from the publication or reading of the latest news from your relatives, with Power Pro you will have it all in one. It consumes little space, reduces data expenditure and, in principle, should also be more prone to conserve your privacy. Although yes, remember that at all times you must connect with your Facebook account.

Power Pro is a paid application, but now it’s free

So much quality has a price, as you can imagine: Power Pro costs 1.99 euros. Although, being in launch period, its developer has placed it for free for a short time. We recommend it, even if you are not very Facebook or Messenger: being able to access both services without the official apps is a joy.

Power Pro for Facebook
Power Pro for Facebook

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